Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Valentine's Day in Oklahoma

Ok, please forgive me. It's been a really long time since I've gotten on here. I gave up facebook for lent, and facebook is how I normally remember to update my blog. Well, I cheated last night and signed on. So, here I am...

My best friend since the 4th grade had her baby (the precious Chesney Ann) in January. Over Valentine's Day weekend, Ryan, Ford and I took a trip to the great state of Oklahoma to see the little cutie pie! And, boy, is she CUTE!!!

It was a very quick trip, but one that we thoroughly enjoyed. Ryan went to a fight at Remington Park with Mark, Matt, Bub and Matt's friend Chase. Ford went to bed and I stayed home and hung out with my mom, Alli and Grammy Glo. We also hung out with the Walcher/Lee clans for some great food and special times with family. The majority of our weekend was spent with lil miss Chesney, though. Ryan and I haven't been around a baby for so long that we'd almost forgotten how to hold her, rock her, etc. I'm used to proping Ford on my hip and telling him to hang on. Everytime I held Chesney I just felt awkward! She's too cute to care, though!

I have to say, I am SO PROUD of Brooke. Mommyhood suits her soo well. She never gets frustrated and takes everything in stride. She is such a good mommy and Ches is one blessed lil girl!

Well, I promise to get on here more often! I do have some pics to post of Ford so maybe I'll do that tomorrow:)

See, I told you I can't remember how to hold a baby. I've scared the poor girl!

I got a little smile out of her, though!

Look at cute she is! I love you, Chesney!

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