Sunday, February 27, 2011

Busy Bees

Ohmygoodness, we have been so busy! Time is seriously flying by and I can't seem to catch my breath. Here's some updates on the boys...

Ford--Ford is THREE now and he is SUCH a big boy. He is even sleeping in a big boy bed! His sense of humor cracks me up and I can't get over how smart he is! He counts by himself and actually gets counting. If he sees 4 trucks, he knows it's 4. He recognizes letters and knows that certain words start with certain letters. He can spell his name and recognizes the letters in his name. Ryan and I actually have conversations with him and can reason with him now. He's a total blast. These are some funny things that he's done lately. I just keep a running list in my phone.
*On Christmas day, he handed me a present and said, "this is for my wife, for my JoJo!" JoJo is a girl in his class
*I came down the stairs one day and Ford said, "you look cute, Maw!" I was in pj's and my hair was a mess. Awwww!
*He's an imitator! He says things like "perfect", "terrific", "fabulous", "get outta town!", "that's ridiculous!" and "no way!"
*I was putting Ford in the bath one night and he stubbed his toe. He looked at me and said, "I have to go to Target, I gotta buy a new foot!"
*Ford calls Ryan "Ry" instead of Dad! He'll be looking for him around the house yelling, "Ry! Ry! Ry!"
*I scolded Ford about something one day and he didn't agree so he looked at me and said, "you in time out, I'm da mom!!!"

Sutton--Sutty is growing up every day and he talks all the time! He says mama, daddy, dog, juice, bubba, dog, bird, be-bo (bellybutton), peepee, ball, go, out, car...the list goes on and on. It amazes me how different he is from Ford. Sutton loves to be outside and he is always playing with a ball or a bat or a club. He is really coordinated, too. He loves Ford and he is constantly in his business. Most days they get along great but there are times when it's pure chaos here. I wouldn't have it any other way, though. These boys are my everything!

New Year's in California

We went to California for New Years. We took Ford to Disneyland and Sutton stayed with grandma and gramps.

Waiting in line...

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride---Ford loved it!!!!
We also took Ford to Discovery Zone. It was a little old for him, but he did enjoy dressing like a hockey player.

Ryan and I even got a night out. We drove down to San Clemente and stayed the night with our wonderful friends, Clay and Alli and Seth and Nicole.

Ford is THREE

Ford had a sports themed party at our gym. We invited all the neighborhood kids and they had a blast! It was perfect because it was cold outside but all the kids still got a good workout. Poor Fordie was sick, though, and barely even ate his cake:(

Christmas 2010

We had a terrific Christmas. Grandpa Robert and AA (Aunt Allison) came to visit and helped us put up our tree.

Sutton's First Hair Cut

Sutton got his hair cut for the 1st time by our neighbor, Melisa. She was sweet enough to come over and do it at the house so that Sutton wouldn't freak out.

Sutton's First Birthday Party

Sutty, mommy made you a book of all the pictures for your party. You had a terrific time! Here's some pics...