Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sutton's 6 month visit to Dr. Roy

I feel like I just said this for Ford, but I can't believe Sutton is going to be 6 months on Sunday. Time goes by way too fast! He had his check-up yesterday since I'm going to be in Vegas next week. He weighed in at 15 pounds, 4 ounces (15th %ile), was 25.25 inches long (26th %ile) and his head was 42 cm (17th %ile). It's funny because we look at Sutton and think he is such a big baby, but actually he's quite small. I think it's because he is SO broad and barrel chested (Ryan and I are both broad) where Ford is built exactly like my younger brother. His weight was down a bit from his 4 month visit, so we have to take him back in for a weight check in 2 weeks. Sutton's had a head and chest cold so Dr. Roy thought that could be a factor in the weight loss. Other than all of that, his visit was great.
I'm a bit old school and I don't believe that babies should eat solid foods until they can hold themselves upright long enough to eat. Sutton is so close to sitting up, so we've been testing the high chair out. He's done really well in it so tonight he got his first taste of real food...peas! As soon as I put the spoon to his mouth he sucked it right down. Then he smiled. It was such a different experience from trying to give him rice cereal last week. He actually swallowed this time.
In addition to starting solid foods, Sutton is rolling all over the place. He is even inching towards things. He can sit up for a bit by himself, then he topples over. He still loves to cuddle and be held and doesn't like to play by himself. Ford is his best friend and he's very curious about Romey.
Sleep is still a bit elusive in our house. We finally had to turn the monitor off because Sutty wakes up a lot during the night and talks to himself. He'll sleep about 11-12 hours at night, but naptime is a different story. He takes about two 50 minute naps a day. Hopefully, that will start to increase with the addition of solids and mastering sitting up.
Well, that's our cutie-pie. Here's some pics of him eating his yummy peas today.

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