Friday, May 7, 2010

Funny Man, Ford

Ford is cracking us up these days. He is finally talking really well and I can actually understand what he's saying and most of what comes out of his mouth just makes me laugh. Here's a few of his recent "Ford-isms".

*He minds his manners! He says please (peas), thank you (fank ah), no thank you (no fank ah), and you're welcome (welca). Most times he uses them improperly but it's still polite and cute nonetheless. He's been running a temp this week, and when he doesn't want to take his medicine he'll scream "NO FANK AH MAW" and run away. If I'm lucky enough to actually get some medicine in his mouth, he'll immediately look at me and say, "no maw, sink! Sink!", which means put that syringe in the sink now, I don't want it!

*Whenever Sutton cries or gets really loud about something, Ford will walk over to him and say, "sorry CC, no cry" which comes out as "sor sees, no crah", followed by a big wet kiss. Melt. My. Heart.

*I went to Whole Foods to stock up on baby food for Sutton. Ford insisted on helping me unload the groceries. Apparently he thought that Sutton needed ALL the food at that very moment.

*He's all about sunglasses now. It's like he's realized how bright the sun is here in the Mile High City and he gets why Ryan and I are never without sunglasses.

***Pardon the picture quality, these are from my iPhone.

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