Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We took Ford in for his 2.5 year check up on Monday and it was quite the appointment. He didn't want to "participate" at all, he just wanted to sit there and whine. Thank goodness Dr. Roy has a boy Ford's age so he totally got it. Ford weighed in at a whopping 28 pounds, which is the 25th percentile. He was scared to death of the measuring device for the head and length so we didn't get those measurements. But, he has a peanut for a head and he's taller than most 3 year olds. He wears 3T tops and 2T bottoms and he's in a size 11 shoe. He knows all of his colors and shapes and can spell his name with some assistance. His vocabulary has expanded and he will have a full blown conversation with you. He is still a whiner, but if you point it out to him he will stop. Matchbox cars and all types of balls are still his obsessions, and he's gotten quite good at playing by himself. His imagination is through the roof! When we were in Bend over the 4th, the house we rented had a cat-door. Ford kept sticking his head out of it and yelling loudly. We couldnt figure out what he was saying, until I went outside one day to listen. He was pretending that he was at Chick-fil-a and he was placing an order. He would say, "chick nugg, fench fy and doddor pep", which is what I order when I go there. Then he would say, "Fank ah, see you next time!" What a HOOT!!!

As far as Sutton goes, Ford can be a great big brother, when he wants to. Ford is definitely Sutton's favorite person. No one can make him laugh like Fordie. Like most 2.5 year olds, Ford's favorite sayings right now are "It's mine" and "Ford do". His determination and stubborness can be quite exhausting, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I just think they are signs of all that he's capable of. Stay tuned for more adventures of Ford:)

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