Sunday, February 27, 2011

Busy Bees

Ohmygoodness, we have been so busy! Time is seriously flying by and I can't seem to catch my breath. Here's some updates on the boys...

Ford--Ford is THREE now and he is SUCH a big boy. He is even sleeping in a big boy bed! His sense of humor cracks me up and I can't get over how smart he is! He counts by himself and actually gets counting. If he sees 4 trucks, he knows it's 4. He recognizes letters and knows that certain words start with certain letters. He can spell his name and recognizes the letters in his name. Ryan and I actually have conversations with him and can reason with him now. He's a total blast. These are some funny things that he's done lately. I just keep a running list in my phone.
*On Christmas day, he handed me a present and said, "this is for my wife, for my JoJo!" JoJo is a girl in his class
*I came down the stairs one day and Ford said, "you look cute, Maw!" I was in pj's and my hair was a mess. Awwww!
*He's an imitator! He says things like "perfect", "terrific", "fabulous", "get outta town!", "that's ridiculous!" and "no way!"
*I was putting Ford in the bath one night and he stubbed his toe. He looked at me and said, "I have to go to Target, I gotta buy a new foot!"
*Ford calls Ryan "Ry" instead of Dad! He'll be looking for him around the house yelling, "Ry! Ry! Ry!"
*I scolded Ford about something one day and he didn't agree so he looked at me and said, "you in time out, I'm da mom!!!"

Sutton--Sutty is growing up every day and he talks all the time! He says mama, daddy, dog, juice, bubba, dog, bird, be-bo (bellybutton), peepee, ball, go, out, car...the list goes on and on. It amazes me how different he is from Ford. Sutton loves to be outside and he is always playing with a ball or a bat or a club. He is really coordinated, too. He loves Ford and he is constantly in his business. Most days they get along great but there are times when it's pure chaos here. I wouldn't have it any other way, though. These boys are my everything!

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