Sunday, November 27, 2011

Swimming and Soccer

When we decided to take Ford to Grand Cayman with us, we knew we needed to get him comfortable in the water. There were going to be 5 older kids there who can all swim, and we didn't want Ford to be scared or feel left out. So, we enrolled him in a survival swim class and he did great! We are on our second session now and he swims laps in the pool and absolutely loves the water!

He also started soccer this summer. It's hysterical to see little kids play soccer. It reminds me of my brother playing YMCA basketball....just a complete cluster. Ford loved it though, he even slept in his soccer gear for the first week. He scored a goal in every game, he even scored goals for the other team!

I'm so thankful that my boys are able to play sports and run and do the things they love. What a blessing!

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