Friday, January 23, 2009

Praise the Good Lord!!!

Ford went in for surgery this morning. We arrived at the hospital at 8:30am for check-in. Ford hadn't eaten or drank anything since 6pm the night before, so he was quite irritable, but otherwise in good spirits. Around 9:30am, he finally passed out. I think it was from hunger:) I went in to the OR with him while the anesthesologist used some laughing gas to get him to relax so she could start the IV to put him under. He did really well and handled the anestheia like a trooper. The surgery last about 20 mintues and the lymph node came right out, just like the doctor expected. They stitched him up and took him to recovery. Ryan and I walked in to the recovery room to find Ford sitting up in his bed, flirting with his nurses. He drank about 12 ounces of apple juice (for the first time!) and ate a ton of grahm crackers. He was in heaven!

We are home now and Ford is sleeping. I am so amazed at how resiliant my son is. He is acting like nothing ever happened. I think this experience affected me more than it did him.

Ryan and I are so thankful for all of your prayers. Our God is amazing and He took such great care of our little one. Please continue to pray that the lymph node is benign and that Ford has a speedy recovery! Thanks again!


PS---I did take a few pics of the cutie pie in his gown, but I'll post them later. They are on my phone and I need to sync it. I knew some of you were anxious to read the update so I wanted to post this asap. xoxo!

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