Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ford's 15mo Wellness Visit

So, my friend Molly inspired to blog about Ford's 15 month check up. I enjoyed reading about her daughter's (Lilly) milestones, so I thought I would share, too.

First off, a bit about our pediatrician, Dr. Roy. He's an MD, but he practices functional medicine, which is very important to our family. Basically, it's a holistic view of medicine. Dr. Roy visits with the whole family (mainly sits there and talk with Ryan about words I don't understand!) and he genuinely wants the whole family to be happy together. Overall, we all LOVE Dr. Roy and he puts with my helicopter moments:) His practice isn't typical, it's only him and nurse Melissa. They don't book patients on top of one another so we don't sit in a waiting room with other kiddos. We love that the whole practice is focused on us while we are there!

Our little guy weighed in at a whopping 20.8 lbs. He is 32.5 inches tall and his head is 18.5 inches. He hasn't gained a whole lot of weight, but he has gotten quite a bit taller. Dr. Roy was impressed with our little man and he even got to witness one of Ford's tantrums.

Ford isn't quite talking. We know for sure that his favorite thing to say is "wassat" for "what's that". He points at everything and says "wassat?" Sometimes he says "ba" for ball and da for "dog" but other than that it is really just jibberish! I can't wait to hear his little voice though!

He is obsessed with dog and he LOVES to tell them no. This is done by pointing one finger in the air and saying "uhh uhh uhhh" over and over again. When our babysitter takes him on walks, she says he rides with his hand in the air, finger pointed the whole time. He's the loud dog police!

Overall, we love our little bundle of joy. I could really do without the tantrums, though! :)

If you are interested in learning more about our pediatrician, or want to browse his wonderful website (it has great references on it) go to

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