Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quick Update

Hi everyone! Here's a quick update on our family!

Baby boy Sutton is FANTASTIC! He's doing so well, sometimes I just have to pinch myself. Ford was such a demanding baby that it's nice to have a relaxed baby this time around. He eats every 3 hours on the dot during the day and at night he does one 5 hour stretch and then two 4 hour stretches. Sutton is trying to suck his thumb (he's a true daddy's boy) but he gets so frustrated and just screams when he can't connect it to his mouth. I am scared to death of having a thumb-sucker. Ryan was a thumb-sucker until he was about 6, and he always tells me how his mom had such a hard time breaking him of it. At least with a pacifier I can just take it away, but it's not like I can detach the thumb:)

Ford is still our demanding and darling little boy! He absolutely adores his brother and lights up whenever he sees him. He loves to give him kisses (and leave spittle on Sutton's face) and hold his hand. However, the minute "ba" (this is what Ford calls Sutton) starts to cry or fuss, Ford LOSES it. I mean, full-blown crying and screaming with big, crocodile tears! It's totally pathetic but breaks my heart at the same time. We are trying to teach him that when the baby cries, Ford can be a big help by telling the baby "shhh, shhhh". We'll see how it goes:)

Ryan and I are hanging in there. The adrenaline of a new baby wore off this week, so the lack of sleep is catching up with us. We are both feeling like poo, and Ford is kind of sick, too. This week has been trying, to say the least.

Well, that's all for now. I'll update more later. Maybe with pictures:)

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