Thursday, December 31, 2009

The House on Mill Creek

div>Before I was born, my grandparents bought a house in Edmond on Mill Creek Road. When my grandpa died, my mom, dad and I moved in to this house with my grandma. The house was too big for her to take care of by herself and we didn't want her to be alone. This is where my brother and sister and I grew up and this house is very special to us! When my mom moved to Switzerland, my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Susan bought it, and now my cousins Garrett and Ford are making their memories there! These pics are from Christmas morning at our favorite house...

Grammy Glo, my sis Allie, cousin Garrett and brother Bub

My sister opening her new Speedy Bag. I just love the look on her face here, she had NO idea!

Papa and Sutty

Me helping Ford (aka crankypants) open his gifts


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