Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2 year well visit and all the things Ford does...

We took Ford in to his 2 year well visit last week and it went really well. Ford always has fun at Dr. Roy's, which is nice because it takes the stress off of us. Good news is that he didn't need any shots! Whew! Physically, Ford is more advanced than most 2 year olds. He does somersaults, walks backwards, jumps and hops, plays basketball like he's in the NBA, and can hold his weight with his arms on a parallel bar. Verbally, he's a little slow, but Dr. Roy said it's nothing to be concerned about as he's made MUCH progress since his 18 month appointment. Ford is very, very diligent about making things neat and orderly. He likes to line things up, stack things, and he tries to make things perpendicular. He hates to be dirty and will BEG you to wash his hands if he gets food or dirt on them. He has no interest in potty training, though he will pee on command for you if you ask him to. He loves to color and do art projects. Basketball is still his favorite thing to do, we have a hoop in about every room of the house. He can spell his name and loves to listen to me sing the alphabet. Cars is his favorite movie and Caillou, Curious George and Thomas the Train are his most-watched shows on tv. Bedtime is still at 6pm and he wakes up about 7am on most days. Naps have been a struggle lately, I'm praying he isn't growing out of them just yet. He is still very bossy (what 2 year old isn't, though?) but he has a heart of gold. He will give you hugs and kisses all day long and he loves to love on his brother. He recognizes most animals and can tell you what sound they make and he knows most of the colors...his favorite is pink! haha! Well, that's our little man in a nutshell! This is such a fun age and I'm looking forward to watching him start talking more. What he says already is just so cute!

Here's his stats:
25.6 lbs--25%ile
34.5 in---75%ile

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