Friday, February 19, 2010

Tomato, Tomatoe, Potato, Potatoe...

One of the neatest thing about having 2 kids is seeing how completely and utterly different they are. Sutton is only 4 months old, but he already has own way of doing things and it's all unique to him! Here's a few things I've noticed...
1. Sutton took his sweet time when it came to sleeping through the night. Heck, add napping to that list, too. At 15 weeks, Ryan and I decided that he needed just to "cry it out" because he would only nap if you held him and the minute you put him down he'd wake up. He was waking up every 2 hours at night and he had to sleep in the bed with us. Ford, on the other hand, was crib trained and nap trained all on his own at 9 weeks.
2. Sutton is our social butterfly. Don't get me wrong, Ford is a ham and loves people, but I truly believe that Sutton LIVES to make me smile. It takes him years to eat because all he does is look up at me and grin. Eat, grin. Eat, grin. That's how the cycle goes. It's not hard to get a smile out of this kid, that's for sure. And, his laugh is just to die for.
3. Ford was very independent from the get-go. He didn't want to be held a ton, and when he was ready to be on his own he'd let you know by squirming and screaming. Sutton has a 6th sense and he knows when you are about to put him down, even if it's just to change his diaper and you have every intention of picking him back up. He will WAIL! He'll play on his mat for about 5 minutes and then the whining starts.
4. Swaddling: Ford lasted all of 2 days being swaddled. He hated it. He's only started using a blanket in the last 2 weeks. Sutton is our little burrito baby. He won't nap unless you swaddle him.
5. The boys have very different body types. At 4 months, Ford was very long and lean and muscular where Sutton is long, broad, barrel chested and has rolls to die for.
6. Developmentally, they are pretty comprable. Ford was rolling to his side at 3.5 months and Sutton's almost there. Ford was much better with his hands at this age and he was all about batting at his toys on his mat. Sutton has no interest in this and he's just now learning how to use his hands. I attribute this difference to Sutton's desire to be swaddled. It's hard to figure out the world when you're in a cute straight jacket:)

With all of these differences, there is one HUGE similarity. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER. So much. See below.

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