Monday, March 22, 2010

The Crossans Come to Town

Ryan's friend from college (who also happens to be his business partner) and his family came to town. Clay and Alli have 3 kids (a girl, Ava, and twin boys, Wyatt and Logan) and Ford just ADORES all of them. During dinner, the adults sat in the dining room and the kiddos sat at the kitchen table. Clay asked Ava to ask the blessing and I happened to be in the kitchen making my plate. Ava and the boys bowed their heads and folded their hands and Ford folded his hands and stared at them in awe. Ava began asking the prayer, which was just the cutest and sweetest prayer, and all of a sudden Ford just yells "AMEN!". It was sooo funny! I'm so glad I was in the kitchen to witness it! Here's some pics of our fun night together. We had such a blast!

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