Monday, March 22, 2010

Ford and his Birdhouse

So, thanks to my mom and Mark, Ford is ADDICTED to birds and squirrels. If any of you have ever seen their backyard, you know that it's absolutely gorgeous and full of little critters. When we're in Oklahoma, Ford loves to sit outside and watch the birds and help his Papa switch out the corncobs that the squirrels eat. Birds in Nana and Papa's backyard

The cardinal in Nana and Papa's backyard

Well, today was Ford's lucky day...he got his very own birdhouse.

He is so excited that he just can't stand it. We have to go outside every 5 minutes and let him play with the bird food and stick his finger in the hole to check for birds. Poor guy, he thinks the birds are going to move in immediately and take up shop. He doesn't get that it could be months before there are birds living in his "burr howwwse".

Hopefully, the birds come soon. I don't know how much longer I can stand holding him there while he plays:)

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