Monday, January 4, 2010

Ford's First Trip

When Ford was almost 2 months old, we decided to take him on his first trip to Oklahoma. Being the helicopter mom that I was (ok, ok, still am) with him, I convinced Ryan to drive us there. Now, from our house to my mom's house it's 692 miles, roughly 10 hours. That's one LONG drive. So, we decided to break it up and drive half at night and let Ford sleep all the way through and then wake up the next morning and drive the other half. We also took Romey (aka Diva Dog) with us. That being said, we were forced to stay in a dumpy, dog-friendly hotel in the middle-of-nowhere Kansas...aka Hayes, Kansas. Well, when we arrived at 2am, I found a spider in my bed. YUCK!!! Needless to say, we ended up hightailing it out of there after Ryan took a brief nap.

This is one of my most favorite pics of Ford. He was SO sleepy from that trip. We got to my mom's about 10am and he passed out.
My cousins Ford (holding Ford) and Garrett.

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