Friday, January 8, 2010

Jaba the Hut

With all of my posts about Ford, I've neglected our newest member of the Frace Family. Sutton, aka Jaba, is doing really well. He's recovered from his RSV and only has a bit of a rattle in his chest now. His reflux is getting much better, though we've had to up his medicine to keep him comfortable. He'll be 12 weeks old on Sunday and I can't believe that it's been almost 3 months since he came in to this world! He started smiling at 5 weeks and he is such an easy baby. Though he isn't sleeping through the night yet (his hospital stay got him off rhythm), and we're pretty sleep deprived, we are trying just to enjoy every little minute of him! Here's a pic of his smilin' face. Isn't it cute???

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